Making Memories


I have a confession to make – my four year old doesn’t know her numbers as well as she should. She can count to 20 but ask her to identify the numbers and she has no clue. Yes, I am Mother of the year!

So, to help remedy the situation I thought a memory game was in order. A memory game she made with her own little hands.  Since I have about 60 lids from concentrated juice kicking around in the drawer I thought we’d use those to make some virtually indestructable “cards” since the napping 2 year old has a tendency to eat anything we don’t nail to the floor.

So, we got our juice lids and some lovely wrapping paper saved from recent birthdays, and printed out our letters and numbers on card stock I had laying around. After completeing number 1 and 2 I decided we’d start with numbers 1-5 or we’d be making memory cards till Cecily’s in University. We’ll save the rest for another day when we need something to fill in nap time.

What we did is cut out a circle using a scrap if card stock and used it as a template to cut out 10 circles from the wrapping paper. I then used my handy dandy square punch to cut out the numbers. Then I got to sit patiently (they tell me it’s a virtue) and watch Cec paint the outside of each lid with glue, glue the circle on, painstakingly cover every square millimeter of the number and slap it in top of the paper. Voilà! 1.5 hours later we had our very own indestructible memory game!

Here’s my pretty little thing with her new game. And sadly that’s not marker. She had an unfortunate altercation with the floor a week ago and the floor won. A concussion, ER trip and xrays later she’s healing great but still looks a mess.


4 responses to “Making Memories

  1. barb ducharme

    She is still adorable and you are a wonderful mother.

  2. I feel like I am looking in a mirror. She looks like me. but has her dad’s eyes. Great idea to learn her numbers. Love MOM

  3. Great Idea Heather. You could also do alphabet etc. HAVE Fun and e you later.

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