Ruby in her Retro Dress

This week I’ve been working on getting my craft room moved upstairs from the basement into what used to be our Den.  My apologies to my husband who just had his computer moved into the living room – sorry Hun but it was for the greater good. 

So this week I only worked on getting a bunch of burlap sewn into recycling bags and on this cute retro pillow case dress.  I’m personally in love with it and so is Ruby.

I’m pretty sure you can only get away with wearing this fabric until you’re three but it looks adorable on my little Goober.  Okay, maybe I’m biased…

They’re the simplest dresses in the world to make and they’re great for running…

and running…

and even chillaxin’ on the slide…

I’ve got about 20 more pillowcases waiting to be turned into dresses and nighties (ya, my 10 and 7 year old informed me they won’t be caught dead outside of the house in a pillowcase dress – their loss!) so that’s my plan this week.  Pillowcase dresses for everyone!


4 responses to “Ruby in her Retro Dress

  1. Love them too–send one to Orlaith. She’ll wear it.

  2. barb ducharme

    Also adorable. What a great idea!

  3. You are very talented.

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