Only the Cute Survive!

A while back I sent The Man to buy Ruby some new clothes with a gift card Grandma sent for her birthday. He came back with some really cute, completely not matching stuff. This t-shirt was one of them.

I thought it was adorable but she really didn’t have any bottoms to go with it and really loathe trying to find two matching pieces to go together in the morning before my 4th cup of coffee. So I had it sitting in the sewing room trying to find something to pair with it. Then I found this fabric.

The browns and burgundies in the plaid matched the paw prints . It had been sitting in a bin waiting to be made into something and there was just enough to make a little skirt. Perfect! Like it was meant to be.

20 minutes later I had this…

I used to hate t-shirt dresses but this one has made me a convert. Ruby calls it her “Diego” dress, lol. Now to get some warm weather to wear it!


3 responses to “Only the Cute Survive!

  1. You are my hero!! Do you think I could be half as creative with my own machine. Inspiring!!

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