My Sewing Buddy

About a month ago this little girl wandered into our house and refused to leave.  I’d kick her out, she’d run back in.  After two days the girls had fallen in love with her and named her “Mystery” so we decided if no one answered the ads we had out about finding her we’d keep her.  No one’s claimed her yet. 

She gets along pretty well with Mr. Patches, our male, but Shadow, the female Alpha of the house,  isn’t all that keen on her – she tolerates her but Shadow still gets first pick of the food. 

We’re pretty sure she came from someone’s home since she knew all about a litter box and the sound of kittie food being poured into a bowl (and people usually don’t spay stray cats around here).  And she loves to snuggle, especially with the two youngest during their naps.  But the biggest surprise I’ve gotten from her is her love of sewing machines.  I start mine up and in she runs, hops up on the cutting table and purrs away along with the machine. 

So now, late at night, when the other cats have found a kid to sleep with I have my own little sewing buddy to keep me company.  She likes our nights on the couch watching NCIS but I have a sneaking suspicion she prefers laying across from me keeping time to the humming of the machine. 

Welcome Mystery.  It’s a mystery how you came to be with us but you’re a lovely addition to our family!


One response to “My Sewing Buddy

  1. Aww! I love Mystery. What a beautiful kitty, and nice way that she found you. I think she’s yours to keep. 🙂

    We don’t know how our Smokey came to adopt us, but we’re glad she did. Enjoy your new family member, however long her stay!

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