Well, I’m Back!

Don’t I feel silly…I started this blog with a true intention of keeping it up and at least adding a post once a week but life got in the way.   Between school ending and having the four girls home all day and a change in medication for me that left me feeling like I’d been run over by a couple of trucks getting on the computer or making anything weren’t top priority.  Add to that the fact that our one year old washing machine died and needed pretty much everything replaced inside it which took 2 months to get back in working order and you have a very busy Mommy running after children, referreeing children, hand washing clothes in the sink (thank goodness it was summer!)  But fall is now upon us, my washing machine is operational, and I’m feeling better and  things are getting back into a routine with the two oldest in school full  time and the Number 3 in preschool two mornings a week. So… knock on wood…it looks like I may be able to finally get some things done that aren’t home or child related.    Plus, my wonderful hubby bought me a new compact laptop so I can now use the computer whenever I want!  With three kids who play games and  a toddler who likes to watch her favourite episide of Diego over and over and over again and my computer time seemed to be limited to 5 minute snatches every once in a while. 

I promise I’m here to stay now and I’m even trying to come up with some sort of  method to this blog. Stick around and I may just shock you!


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