Please stand by…

So…I signed up for wordpress because I was told it was “better” than blogger in the sense that I can have more control over my blog. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into consideration tha fact that my lovely husband would be so busy and reluctant to show me the ins and outs of things of the whole thing. He says it easy but I think by easy he means it’s like me shoving him into my sewing room and telling him I want him to make a bag. Easy for me…not so wasy for him, lol.

So I’ll continue to putter around on here and try to figure out the ins and outs of this thing like adding buttons, links and using an external server for my pictures. It can’t be that hard to figure out, right? I’m thinking I just need to lower my standards. I’m so blown away by the awesomeness that is the blogs of a lot of lovely ladies out there that I miss the big picture – actually sharing things with people.

Right now I’m also working on a Princess Lolly costume, a medieval princess costume and a zombie princess costume all due by October 27th. Thankfully, Ruby chose something easy – she wants to be a cow (and has spent the last week perfecting her Mooooooooooooo). I only say easy because I manged to stumble upon a cow costume at the thrift store so I didn’t have to figure out how to turn a 2 year old into a cow! We’ve also decided to make Christmas as homemade as possible so I’m working on a bunch of presents for the girls and other special people in our lives. I’ll be sharing the pressies for the little ones but I’d probably have to bann the only readers of my blog from here if I showed the grown up gifts so they’ll wait.


2 responses to “Please stand by…

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