Monster Cash

I’m not really a gift card lover but when you’re sending things across the country and have no idea what people want or need sometimes a gift card just works better.  I guess…my darling Husband keeps telling me anyway.  In an effort to send something a little different than a gift card in an envelope I went in search of some unique card holders to make.   Then I found these and fell in love! 

White Waxflower's Anthropology inspired gift card holder

This is one of the little guys I made.  I remembered right before I wrapped the last of them to snap a picture of one.  I think he’s my favourite because my 4 year old picked out his eyes.

He’s made from various scraps I had with vintage buttons I picked up in a huge jar of buttons eons ago.


One response to “Monster Cash

  1. He’s adorable! Thanks for the mention! Adding you to the “mention” section of my blog:)

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