I’m making clothes for who?

For Christmas Santa spoiled my two oldest girls with Maplelea Girls.  They’re like American Girls but are a Canadian company and each girl comes from a different Canadian city and has her own personality, journal and even fashion sense.  The girls love Taryn and Leonie but with one outfit and a price tag of $30 an outfit it didn’t look like they’d have quite a wardrobe!  Until I discovered all the free patterns online for American girls!  Yay! a whole bunch of patterns to clothe the newest members of our family…or so I thought.

It turns out that while they say American girl clothes will fit Maplelea girls the Canadian version is skinnier with longer limbs.  Great…just great, lol.  So, with a little reference to the AG patterns I drafted my own pattern.  3 tries later I was rewarded with two pairs of pajamas for 2 tiny girls.

maplelea pj

Isn’t it neat that the girls look so individual? Leonie seems to like classy, pretty clothes so I thought she’d enjoy some pretty floral flannel with lace trim.   Taryn is more of a down to earth girl so she got blue stripped cotton with a floral embroidered neck and hem.  She seems to like hers too and my girls seem to love them. I think one more draft and the pattern should be perfect.  I still want the sleeves a little longer and more of a scoop to the neck but all in all I’m really happy with the way these turned out.


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