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I’m making clothes for who?

For Christmas Santa spoiled my two oldest girls with Maplelea Girls.  They’re like American Girls but are a Canadian company and each girl comes from a different Canadian city and has her own personality, journal and even fashion sense.  The girls love Taryn and Leonie but with one outfit and a price tag of $30 an outfit it didn’t look like they’d have quite a wardrobe!  Until I discovered all the free patterns online for American girls!  Yay! a whole bunch of patterns to clothe the newest members of our family…or so I thought.

It turns out that while they say American girl clothes will fit Maplelea girls the Canadian version is skinnier with longer limbs.  Great…just great, lol.  So, with a little reference to the AG patterns I drafted my own pattern.  3 tries later I was rewarded with two pairs of pajamas for 2 tiny girls.

maplelea pj

Isn’t it neat that the girls look so individual? Leonie seems to like classy, pretty clothes so I thought she’d enjoy some pretty floral flannel with lace trim.   Taryn is more of a down to earth girl so she got blue stripped cotton with a floral embroidered neck and hem.  She seems to like hers too and my girls seem to love them. I think one more draft and the pattern should be perfect.  I still want the sleeves a little longer and more of a scoop to the neck but all in all I’m really happy with the way these turned out.


Please stand by…

So…I signed up for wordpress because I was told it was “better” than blogger in the sense that I can have more control over my blog. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into consideration tha fact that my lovely husband would be so busy and reluctant to show me the ins and outs of things of the whole thing. He says it easy but I think by easy he means it’s like me shoving him into my sewing room and telling him I want him to make a bag. Easy for me…not so wasy for him, lol.

So I’ll continue to putter around on here and try to figure out the ins and outs of this thing like adding buttons, links and using an external server for my pictures. It can’t be that hard to figure out, right? I’m thinking I just need to lower my standards. I’m so blown away by the awesomeness that is the blogs of a lot of lovely ladies out there that I miss the big picture – actually sharing things with people.

Right now I’m also working on a Princess Lolly costume, a medieval princess costume and a zombie princess costume all due by October 27th. Thankfully, Ruby chose something easy – she wants to be a cow (and has spent the last week perfecting her Mooooooooooooo). I only say easy because I manged to stumble upon a cow costume at the thrift store so I didn’t have to figure out how to turn a 2 year old into a cow! We’ve also decided to make Christmas as homemade as possible so I’m working on a bunch of presents for the girls and other special people in our lives. I’ll be sharing the pressies for the little ones but I’d probably have to bann the only readers of my blog from here if I showed the grown up gifts so they’ll wait.

Well, I’m Back!

Don’t I feel silly…I started this blog with a true intention of keeping it up and at least adding a post once a week but life got in the way.   Between school ending and having the four girls home all day and a change in medication for me that left me feeling like I’d been run over by a couple of trucks getting on the computer or making anything weren’t top priority.  Add to that the fact that our one year old washing machine died and needed pretty much everything replaced inside it which took 2 months to get back in working order and you have a very busy Mommy running after children, referreeing children, hand washing clothes in the sink (thank goodness it was summer!)  But fall is now upon us, my washing machine is operational, and I’m feeling better and  things are getting back into a routine with the two oldest in school full  time and the Number 3 in preschool two mornings a week. So… knock on wood…it looks like I may be able to finally get some things done that aren’t home or child related.    Plus, my wonderful hubby bought me a new compact laptop so I can now use the computer whenever I want!  With three kids who play games and  a toddler who likes to watch her favourite episide of Diego over and over and over again and my computer time seemed to be limited to 5 minute snatches every once in a while. 

I promise I’m here to stay now and I’m even trying to come up with some sort of  method to this blog. Stick around and I may just shock you!

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Allow me to introduce myself

3 years ago my family made a significant move from our hometown in Southwestern Ontario to Northern Alberta. Since then we’ve increased our family from 5 to 6 and bought our first house. We fell in love with this house the moment we saw it (lord knows we’re the only ones who could have!) and have spent the last 3 years repairing her to her former glory as ecologically and financially responsibly as we can. We privately call our home Poplar Grove after the small grove of Aspens in the backyard.

We have 4 beautiful girls who I have the privledge of watching grow up every day and the responsibility of teaching about a sustainable, earth loving life. We’re doing our best to follow the three Rs – reduce our need for “stuff”, find new purposes for everything we already have, and recycle anything we can’t repurpose. We’re also working hard to teach them that you don’t need a big box store to find what you’re looking for. Clothes can be reworked, toys can be made and enjoying the wonders the earth has to offer us is more exciting than anything we can find on the television.

Come follow us on our journey. You never know, you just might learn something…and at the very least you’ll be thoroughly entertained.