Everlasting Strawberries

Last year for Christmas I made my niece a felt breakfast set.  If I remember correctly it had bacon and eggs, strawberries, oranges and apple slices in it.   She apparently likes it a lot and my sister mentioned to me that she wanted to steal the strawberries to hang in her kitchen.   As soon as I heard her say that I rushed into my craft room in search of something to make sophisticated strawberries. In my stash I found a square of red wool fabric that was too small and a little too delicate to make something like booties out of.  But…it was perfect for strawberries that would be displayed (and still strong enough to take a munching from her little guy if he got his hands on them).

After finishing the strawberries off I needed something to put them in.   I had a bunch of wool roving I picked up when I was trying to learn wool felting.  Well, I’ve learned that felting is a lot harder than it looks and needs a lot of patience to make anything more than balls in the washing machine.   Patience is not something I really have in abundance when it comes to creating.  When I want it done I want it done NOW, lol. 

SoI took my wool roving and braided it into a nice long coil and threw it in the washing machine.  It came out as a nice felted braided cord that I could now just coil into a bowl shape and sew together.  An upholstery needle and some strong thread and an episode of NCIS and the strawberries now have a cute little home to live in.   


One response to “Everlasting Strawberries

  1. They’re perfect : )!

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